Why do we all hate each other
Why do we all hurt one another
Destiny we live in diversity
Breathe the same air
Drink the same water
The space we share
when the game is over

Why the world full of tears and sorrow
Struggling, surviving life for tomorrow
We cry our heart out in the silence
Because life has never been so simple

We got to have faith

What is going on now?

The hate is all around
What is going on now?

The world is burning down

Everyone is fighting

Never stop fighting, on and on
Killing as if they didn’t have the right to live, time to time
Races, beliefs, ideologies
Lead us into radical tragedies
How can you be willing and brave enough to dirty
your soul with somebody else’s misery
Through out the history of mankind
Been loosing our mind
Fighting, abusing, killing our own kind
Never end confrontation
Friends, enemies, and oppositions
Planning for a massive devastation
Aiming for the sole domination
Invation of virus poisoning the population
Dehumanize, destabilize
Humanity been compromised
Fear and Drama, Tears and trauma
All around the world
We are driven by the bull statement of the media
Are those accidental kind or big shows by design
A means to an end of the unseen hands, the unheard names
We dont mean to blame, but the secret society with the brain so insane
play the game called the new world order till the end
Powerful authority, the war scene for democracy
The untold story of a tragedy, controlling the currency
Hard to believe things i wasn’t taught to believe
But I disbelieve a triangle with one eye, rule the world in one hand
Cos i only believe in one god, only one god
Will guide us to a revelation of the truth one day
May be it’s a raw prejudice of conspiracy thing
Or may be it just a disastrous humanly animal instinct
And if you question me now
Love is the answer

Everyone is fighting, never stop fighting