What About Us

You said that Im guilty but I said its you
You said you go red and I go with blue
We’re loosing our mind
So much wasting our time
While we knew

All we got to do is brave and kind

Oh baby come and sit down here next to me
Let’s talk about it nice and easy

Its not about you, its not about me
Its about love, that live inside us
The story of you and me as we
What about love, what about us

Should we just give it up and walk away
Can hardly find any reason to stay
But what about friendship

that makes the best of you and me
What about chemistry, what about history
What about love, what about usWe wouldn’t listen when we’re eager to speak
When we speak out loud, we hear nothing at all

Well I know that I’m not always right
Sometimes I feel like you don’t really treat me right
Let’s treat each others right, let’s figure it out
I promise you, promise you, promise you
We’re gonna be alright

Give up the fight, we’ll be alright