profile-bugirBubugiri is an Indonesian acoustic duo consists of two best friends Bubu and Giri. Happened to make a casual acquaintance in High School, they met again in 2007 and played music together in some Caf├ęs for some reguler performances and events in Bandung and Jakarta. Based on desire on making their own original music compositions, they agreed to form an acoustic duo guitar-vocal project with “bubugiri” as their stage name which was simply derived from their nicknames.

Bubugiri began their musical journey by performing regularly at some Cafes in Jakarta like Loca, Elbow, Birdcage, Immigrant, Umbra, Velpa, Smoking Joe’s, Second Floor, etc, performing for some wedding ceremonies, collages event, products launching, and corporates gathering in a few cities such as Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Padang, etc. They performed in Television Talkshows like Kick Andy, 8-11 show, and the music show called Radio Show in TvOne. Performing regularly in Red White Lounge has led them into the opportunity to perform in some huge events such as Java Soulnation, Java Jazz, and Jazz Traffic Surabaya. They were involved in a movie soundtrack called “Sokola Rimba” produced by Miles Films. They were also the featured artists in one of the singles from Barry Likumahua Project’s album called “Inner Light”

After gathering some materials, in October 1st 2015, they finally released their very first album entitled “Music Eveyday”. The “Music Everyday” is a statement that no body in this world can live a life without music. Period. The musical concept on this album is “a little bit of everything” a touch of folk, jazz, blues, urban and ethnic are presented in a “tight” and “groovy” minimalist music arrangements. The thought behind this album which was poured down into lyrics is “positive attitude”. With a brand new spirit, hopefully this first album is a great starting point for them to come up with another artworks in the future.

Bubugiri adalah duo akustik yang terdiri dari dua sahabat, Bubu dan Giri. Sempat berkenalan pada masa SMA, Bubu dan Giri bertemu kembali pada tahun 2007 dan sering tampil bersama dalam beberapa penampilan reguler di Kafe-kafe di Bandung dan beberapa event di Jakarta. Berawal dari keinginan untuk berkarya, pada tahun 2010 Bubu dan Giri sepakat untuk membuat project duo akustik gitar dan vokal dengan nama panggung “bubugiri” yang diambil dari nama panggilan mereka berdua.

Bubugiri memulai perjalanan bermusiknya di beberapa cafe di Jakarta seperti Loca, Elbow, Birdcage, Immigrant, Umbra, Velpa, Smoking Joe’s, Second Floor, dll, mengisi acara di resepsi pernikahan, acara kampus, product launching, dan corporate gathering di beberapa kota seperti Jakarta, Bali, Medan, Padang, dll. Menjadi pengisi acara di Talkshow televisi seperti Kick Andy, 8-11 show, dan acara musik Radio show TVone. Tampil secara reguler di Red White Lounge membuka pintu bubugiri untuk tampil di beberapa event besar seperti Java Soulnation, Java Jazz, dan Jazz Traffic Surabaya. Bubugiri juga sempat mengisi soundtrack sebuah film berjudul “Sokola Rimba” karya Rumah Produksi Miles Film. Bubugiri juga menjadi featured artist dalam salah satu single album BLP berjudul “Inner Light”.

Setelah mengumpulkan beberapa materi lagu, pada tanggal 1 Oktober 2015 akhirnya bubugiri mengeluarkan album perdana mereka yg berjudul “Music Everyday”. “Music Everyday” untuk bubugiri merupakan statement bahwa siapapun tidak bisa hidup tanpa musik. Konsep musik dalam album ini adalah “a little bit of everything”, sentuhan folk, jazz, blues, urban dan ethnic yg dibalut dalam aransemen musik minimalis yang ‘tight’ dan ‘groovy’. Kerangka berpikir yang dituangkan melaui lirik-lirik dalam album ini adalah “Positive attitude”. Dengan semangat yang baru, semoga album perdana bubugiri menjadi langkah awal bagi perjalanan berkarya bubugiri selanjutnya.


    • Java Soulnation Festival
    • Java Jazz Festival


    • Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival
    • Le Masion D’ Indonesie, Paris Prancis
    • Jazz Traffic Surabaya


    • Jakarta International Java Jazz Festival
    • Monophone Limkokwing University, Kuala Lumpur Malaysia
    • Jazz Traffic Surabaya


    • Loenpia Jazz Semarang
    • We The Fest
    • Indonesian Jazz Festival
    • Jazz Traffic Surabaya